Breaking News! DRWAPS FREE + Events


That's right! Don't Run With a Plasma Sword is now FREE!

We're also holding special events for the occasion!

1- Event number 1

Tell-your-friends contest! Because the more downloads the game gets in a period of ONE WEEK, the more will happen!
  • If the target of 100k is reached, the game will remain free for at least ONE MONTH!

  • If the target of 150k is reached, a new game mode will be added to the game!

  • If the target of 200k is reached, TWO new games modes will be added to the game!

Vote on the poll for your preferred choices of new game modes!

2- Event number 2

Plasma sword user manual contest!

We're launching a video version of the in-game plasma sword user guide!

We'll add more video chapters from time to time, but we need YOU to propose new guidlines about what not to do with a plasma sword!

  • Check the examples in the video, and in-game in the loading screens
  • Email us your suggestions (see the contact page)
  • The best tips will be used either in a video, or in game. If this happens, it will give you a chance to win an (US) iTunes card!
The contest will be held on a period of 2 weeks.