Don't Run With a Plasma Sword is FREE!!

Good news everyone!! DRWAPS, one of the most awesome runner/platformer on the App Store, is now FREE!!

Help us leaving the game FREE: share it to your friends or complete in-game support actions!!

Unless we get an overwhelming response, this should complete the main development cycle for DRWAPS.  We will update the game for iPhone 5, bugs fixing and various adjustments but after almost 2 years and around 8000 hours of development through an extra-ordinary adventure, it is now time to move on to other game projects!

On our wish-lists of things that we would have liked to see for DRWAPS:

- an Android version
- a multi-player mode
- a new short challenges game mode

Time will tell if we manage to slip some of these additions in our schedule.

Stay tuned for announcements about our next games!