The MASSIVE update 1.2.5 is now available!!


Finally, after months in the work, the new update is now available!!  As promised, it includes a fifth story/endless level!!

Other main features include:
- Revamped the graphics of the level 1 and added much more visual diversity
- Added a 3-stars rating system for the story sections (find the hidden atomic gem and don't get hurt in order to get 3 stars)
- Introduced a monsters slicing mechanic when we slash them
- Added revive potions to ease out the progression difficulty
- Added Facebook connect functionalities (compare High scores with FB friends, post achievements, etc)
- Tweaked the tutorial and its access point
- Added new helmet costumes and sword colors
- Added new power-up upgrades
- Performed various bug fixes, tweaks and additions

Important notice: the game crashes on iOS 3.1.3, so don't update the game if you have an iphone 1 or an ipod 1