Breaking Down Boat Characteristics

In this post we'll describe various aspects about the boats, especially their statistics and properties.
The game should feature up to 100 boats

There should be around 50-100 boats in game, everyone featuring a unique look and behavior.

I'm gonna drill you up, maggots!
The boats will be split in 4 different racing categories; C, B, A and S, depending on their performance.  In order to get access to a category of boat, it will be necessary to pass the according racing license.

Pass licenses to drive to drive supa dupa boats
Each boat will be characterized by the following stats:

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Downforce (how well the boat sticks to the waves)
  • Armor (resilience to projectile damage)

as well as a number of equipment slots or "system" slots:
Build your ultimate racing boat
  • Engine (affecting top speed and acceleration)
  • Body (top speed, downforce and armor)
  • Brake (braking)
  • Weapon system
  • Defensive system
  • Boost system
  • Passive system

Those slots, will be used to tune-up the boat.  Equipment slots will provide bonuses to the boat base stats, offering tons of variations on the way to configure a boat.

Beside weapon systems, there will also be other kind of active system, like shield or speed boost. It will be possible to equip up to 2 'active' systems on a boat at a time, one for each system control button.  In addition, there will also be other kind of 'passive' systems, like electronics jam, stats modifiers, repair over time, etc.  A typical configuration could be a shield to block incoming damage and a gun to blast opponents but all sorts of combinations will be possible.

In the end, it will be up to you to build-up your ultimate racing boat!