Pixel Boat Rush: Sneak Peek into Career Mode

We've been quiet about Pixel Boat Rush lately, due to Don't Run With a Plasma Sword coming on Android in a couple days.  Things kept improving though as we worked on the introduction, new boats, new tracks, etc.  Here's a sneak peak about the career mode!

It all starts when you remember the old news about your accident. That incident made you leave the boat racing scene for a long time.
Who reads small titles?

When you finally decide to come back, your old friends welcome you!

But the comeback is slightly more laborious than you hoped for and you have to pass your pilot license once again, under the supervision of Sgt. Jack Ett.

Eventually, you obtain your first license, buy your first boat and start to plan your career path.

You'll pass new licenses, shop for new boats, inspect your boats and statistics, install new equipment and tune your boats, train on various racing tracks, etc.

You'll have some degree of freedom about which type of event you race in: elimination, cup, destruction derby, duel, tournament, etc, yielding anything from coins to rare drops.

Mighty Beach Track
Perhaps you'll even be offered a contract to race in one of the championship leagues. Who knows, it might comes from one of the top teams if you're famous enough!

Long River Track
Big contracts mean big bucks to re-invest on your dream boat and fuel-up your ascension through mastering 20-or-so tracks, until you become world champion in the top league!