Platforms Unlimited Now Available!

A first new title released in 2 years! I suppose that this asks for a new website look :)

Platforms Unlimited is now available both on the App Store and Google Play!

The game was reviewed on the famous Cult of MacTouch ArcadePocket Gamer and 148Apps, was announced on 4PDAAndroid Police, GameinformerAndroid and Me, DroidGamers, AndroidShock, iPhoneItalia and discussed on SuperGameDroidGames in the Pocket (and podcasted in French), appszoom and It was also played live by the awesome people at @148Apps, made the top 10 games of February on the Quality Index  and nominated as one of the Game of the Week candidates by the Touch Arcade community, at the side of several awesome games!

To be honest, the Press is not unanimous (iFanzine, Games in Asia ID and ApplicationIpad). Fair enough, it is impossible to be liked by everyone and diversity of opinion is essential; we can only be thankful when websites cover indie games. Perhaps it reflects the love/hate relationship that people can have with twitch gameplay but if this can help make our case clearer and stronger, that's only for the better. 

We think that videos games is definitely not only about visuals. It's not only about iterating the same recipe over and over because it is more secure financially. It's not only about making games easier and easier in a casual reach for numbers. It's not only about metrics and behaviour analysis. It's not only about making free-game-with-paywall. Sometimes, it's about going back to the roots: making fun, simple, challenging and fresh experiences. Without this kind of spirit, the video games industry would have never emerged and it would not be able to renew itself when it needs to. We are XperimentalZ Games and we salute all indies living their passion as well as their supporters, who keep the soul of video games alive.