Pixel Boat Rush: Vote for Content Update!

We're holding a double-event for Pixel Boat Rush. First of all, the game will be at half-price (0.99$) for a limited time!

Secondly, soon we'll start working on the first large content update.  With other players, you can determine that content!  Here's the options:

1- Friends matchmaking multiplayer (at least either global or local 'live' multiplayer, but probably both and perhaps also asynchronous multiplayer)

2- A new racing category (with its own set of boats, events and tracks)

3- A special set of 'Master' races (for each racing category, a special set of challenging races would be added. The maps used in those races would have new obstacles to avoid.)

4- An endless mode (try to survive and pass as many opponents as possible in a randomly generated environment with increasing difficulty. Earn Coins/tools which can be used in the career mode.)

5- A repeatable 'season' mode (accumulate points from race to race and try to win the season championship)

You can vote for your preferred choice on Touch Arcade!