What's Up 2015?

First of all, happy 2015 to everyone, live long and prosper!

In a great way to kickstart the new year, Pixel Boat Rush was named Indie Game of the Year by Super Game Droid as they assembled their top 25 Android indie games of the year. It's a cool list and to be honest, every developer in it deserves your support, so check it out!

So what's coming up this year?  We probably won't be starting another large project for a while because we have a bunch of mid-sized tasks on the table.

  • First of all, we have a big update coming up for Pixel Boat Rush which will include a new endless mode and hopefully a new boat editor where you'll be able to design your boat pixel by pixel. This update will be made available for all platforms.
  • Then, we'll try to launch our first freemium title on Android with a free version of Don't Run With a Plasma Sword which will go side to side with the premium version.
  • We're also exploring the possibilities on 3 new game projects: 2 new IPs based on simple concepts and a sequel for Don't Run With a Plasma Sword! They'll all be presented eventually as they get confirmed.

Hopefully this will generate some exciting moments and allow us to pick up momentum for a new huge project!

Happy 2015!