Pixel Boat Rush: Update 1.3.0 To Be Available Soon!

The first content update in over a year will soon be available for Pixel Boat Rush, and it's going to be a big one!

As new end-game content, 16 challenging Masters Races will be introduced, 4 per racing category. To go along those new races, 16 new master boats will be added, which you can see here:

Most of these new boats will mounted with new kinds of weapon, like the flamethrower, cannon or x-ray.

Newcomers will appreciate the fact that the tutorial section and early game progression will be smoothed out and reworked to now display visual markers and help them learn the brake/accelerate mechanic.

Replaykit will also be included, allowing you to watch your replays and share them to the world.

This update will be made available on Thursday, the 4th of August.