Something is Coming up soon...

The last 5 years have not been easy. Moving away from the mobile market and products we were proud of, toward the completely different market of PC gaming.

All our efforts during that period went toward the creation of a roguelike party-based tactical RPG, an incredibly complex project to complete for a small team, but also a project we love. Enough anyway to keep working on it for a while!  The project should still take over 1 year to be  finished, be developed in Early Access for roughly 1 year then at least for another year. This means that it will have tied us for about 8 years, which sound insane but it shows how much we think this game worth it!

As said, we're not close to an Early Access yet, but at least we're getting close to a first announcement, which should happen soon!

At this point, the Steam Store page, the announcement trailer and more details about the products will be announced, stay tuned!