DRWAPS features announced


The information page for Don't Run With a Plasma Sword is now up! You'll access it by clicking on the icon:

Here's the list of the main planned features for this retro-futuristic platformer/runner:

✔ Universal App

✔ Retina display

✔ 4 environments: City, Underground, Mother ship, Alien Planet

✔ 2 Game Modes:

☛ Story mode with fixed game progression, save points and boss fights

☛ Endless mode with 4 level of difficuly, random map generation and objectives to accomplish

✔ Did we say it? Boss fights!

✔ Hundreds of hand crafted map sections to make sure to bring out a maximum of diversity

✔ 3 buttons controls: jump, slide, slash

✔ 3 combos, dash, dive, slide attack

✔ 10 types of in-game power-ups

✔ Over 5 types of monsters with different gameplay characteristics

✔ 3 types of traps to avoid

✔ Collect xp in game to spend later on upgrades like skills, levels and avatar customization

✔ Openfeint and Game Center leaderboard and achievements

✔ Comics introduction

✔ Original sountrack and sound effects

✔ 2 supported languages, English and French

✔ Updates and support? Of course.